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Spa Country & Recreation
16020 US Highway 63
Hayward, WI 54843

Ph: (714) 634-6493

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Portable Spas & Hot Tubs


Portable Hot Tubs from Hot Spring

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Advanced Engineering for Ultimate Enjoyment

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Contemporary Style with Exceptional Performance

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Hot Spot Spas are built to last. They offer some of the best features for relaxation: always hot and ready for a quick soak any time; energy efficient, so its easy on your wallet; and with quiet operation, you can enjoy peaceful moments and intimate conversations. You'll feel even better knowing your high-quality spa is from the makers of Hot Spring® spas

Fantasy Spas
Have you ever considered buying a hot tub for your backyard? Well, now is the time! Hot tubs have become more portable, affordable and easy-to-use, making them a great addition to any home..
Used Spas & Hot Tubs - Hot Spring® Spas are made to last forever so a good used Hot Spring will have plenty of life left in it. They go fast so check with us often to see if we have the model that's right for you.
Spa Music Systems
HotSpring Spa Music Systems - Music and water have long been revered for their calming and relaxing effects. You can enjoy both these elements at the same time in a Hot Spring® spa. Relax and let the massaging action of the jets soothe your muscles, while listening to your favorite tune. We offer a variety of optional music systems to create the perfect ambience.



OutBack Above Ground Pools - The Outback above ground pool line combines beauty and durability to create a refreshing backyard oasis that is long lasting and perfectly suited for any landscape.

With its wide variety of shapes and sizes, there is an Outback pool for every yard and every budget. If you are ready to experience pool-side living, look no further than Outback Above Ground Pools – its cooler down under.



Finnleo Saunas - Where health and relaxation meet® In today’s fast paced world we all need a break from the stress, tension and noise of every day life. A helo® sauna or steambath provides a private retreat---a mini-vacation right in your own home. As our Scandinavian and Roman ancestors knew centuries ago, the benefits of sauna bathing and steam bathing are many.



Great Lake Darts - Our full line of brass, nickel silver, and tungsten steel-tip darts are a must-have for any dart player. Our enormous selection of soft-tip darts is sure to not disappoint. You'll want to check out our new NASCAR line of darts and select your favorite NASCAR driver.


Water Care


Baquacil - Enjoy the good life with gentle, chlorine-free BAQUACIL® and experience all the pleasures of chlorine-free swimming. With BAQUACIL, you'll enjoy all the fun your pool has to offer, with none of the harsh chlorine-related side effects including:

·Eye irritation
·Irritated skin
·Dry hair
·Faded swimsuits and vinyl pool liners

Baqua Spa - A full line of high quality bromine–free, chlorine–free products for long-lasting bacteria control and gentle spa water, that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable in elevated temperatures, and lasts longer than bromine- or chlorine-based sanitizers.

Brilliance® Spa Care System - With the Brilliance® Spa Care System, you can take care of your hot tub in three easy steps.

Refreshing · Soothing · Conditioning

Now the benefits of Brilliance® for spas are even more appealing with the addition of AquaEnhancers® - unique additives that enhance several products by conditioning spa water to promote a truly skin-soothing spa experience.

Leisure Time - Leisure Time has developed Simple Spa Care®, an easy-to-follow program that allows spa owners to spend more time in their spas and less time maintaining them.

Nature 2 - Slip into the clear, fresh water of Nature2 and relax into its soft, silky luxury. With water clarity like you've never seen before and clean, safe sanitized water without the heavy doses of chlorine, Nature2 mineral technology for the pool and spa delivers a refreshing, irritant-free swim.

Unicel Water Filters - Unicel has grown to become the largest manufacturer of swimming pool and spa filter elements in the world. By staying focused and specializing in filtration, Unicel has developed expertise in a very critical area of the pool and spa industry.

Spa Accessories


Watch Ace Video

ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System for Your Hot Tub NEW in 2010 exclusively from Hot Spring Spas!

The revolutionary ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System is based on innovative diamond technology. It uses very low levels of salt in your hot water (about the level of drinking water) to automatically generate the precise amount of natural chlorine and oxidizers needed to keep the water clean (based on spa size and usage level).

What does it mean to you?
Your spa water will feel, look and even smell great. It provides virtually hands-free water care!

Neccessories Brochure
By HotSpring®

HotSpring® Spa Accessories - are designed to enhance your HotSpring® Spa and make your spa experience more enjoyable.
· Water Care
· Cover Removal Systems
· Spa Enhancements
· Spa Entertainment Systems
· Spa Maintenance Products
· Accessories

Sauna Accessories


Finnleo Accessories - When you choose Finnleo, you are ensuring only the very highest level of commitment to quality will become part of your home. We work on the principle that quality is important to even the smallest detail. This is your assurance that only the best materials, design and production processes are used in creating your pure sauna

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